HIPAA Product Suite

The HIPAA product suite consists of:

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  Filewire secure file transfer client  read more

  Filewire Sweeper  read more

  Managed / Hosted services  read more

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Worldgroup File Transfer Server
Filewire, based on our WorldgroupTM BBS file transfer technology, offers you a smooth transition from dial-up to Internet technology - all under one single point of management!  





Filewire File Transfer Client

This optional component makes it easy for your customers to use file transfer software and encryption technology. Worldgroup Filewire allows you to distribute a branded software executable to your customers for their use in connecting to your file transfer server. Our one-click “send files” option makes it easy for even novice users to transfer data. Built-in scripting support allows you to drop usage of and support for costly third party software such as Procomm Plus. 

Best of all, not only are your files protected during transfer, but the files are stored in encrypted form (using your private key) on both ends of the connection. This protects your data from prying eyes even after reception.



Managed / Hosted Services

Companies who are looking for a managed solution for their secure file transfer needs, rather than running a costly in-house operation, can turn to our Service Provider solution. Our FileWire Service Bureau allows your company to exchange any type of digital patient data confidentially and securely. Click here for details... 

File Sweeper

Another optional component to make your backoffice administration easier.  Sweeper is a system that enables you to define and schedule automated file copy operations for unattended execution. Much more sophisticated, powerful, and easy to use than cumbersome batch processes, this product is particularly useful for businesses that receive and process incoming data files on a regular basis. Click here for details... 



We can either provide a turnkey web server installation, or we can provide you with a list of recommended products. Our integrated hardware and software solution is tailored to meet your exact requirements and specifications. We only use top-quality hardware components from selected vendors, so that you get the reliability you expect. 


Training Programs
We provide COMPLETE training for your personnel. We offer on-site classes, or training at our offices.

On-site training can offer you the convenience of educating your personnel, while eliminating the hassle and expense of travel. Our classes cover the technical support aspects of FileWire, as well as operation and system administration. 

All classes are also offered at our corporate offices outside of Washington D.C. Our offices are conveniently located near Baltimore-Washington International (BWI) airport. There are a variety of hotels and restaurants just minutes away.