"In my experience, no other online platform is this versatile."

- Ken Royer, U.S. Department of Commerce


All-inclusive access provides greater service
Whether your clients wish to send data over the Internet, FTP, SSH, SSL, or even through dial-up modems, you can provide it.

Multiple ease-of-use choices reduces support
Clients choose the interface that makes it easy for them. Options include an easy to use point-and-click client/server windows application, a web-browser interface, or even text-based UI for power users and scripted clients.

Contingency options increase uptime
In addition to our point-to-point dial-up (modem) solution providing the highest level of security (it does not touch the Internet), it also serves as a contingency plan for customers to send critical files when their (or your) Internet goes down.

Single Point of User Management makes administration easy
User account management and security is completed once, and covers access to all transfer options (web, Dial-up, FTP, etc.), allowing users to use any interface at any time without additional work required by you.


Improve Customer Service with “1-click” file transfer client
Make it easy for your customers to use file transfer software and encryption technology. Worldgroup Filewire allows you to distribute a branded software executable to your customers for their use in connecting to your file transfer server. Features include a one-click “send files” option, scripting support, and the ability to encrypt files with your key before transfer.

Avoid security patch fatigue
Our “stealth” web server software does not require use of Microsoft Web Server technology that leaves you vulnerable to countless and un-ending network attacks. Our unique software and technology is proven and in use by the most security conscious customers as DOD, US Air Force, and many Healthcare providers.

Seamless integration makes implementation easy
With our unique ability to support both dial-up and Internet on the same platform, and because you are probably using our technology currently for your BBS, your dial-up customers can move to new technology as needed, reducing switch-over headaches.

Plus much, much more
Optional considerations include automated e-mail or Fax-Back confirmations, detailed audit reporting, SSH gateway for back-office application interfacing, development kit, custom scripting, and other services.